Arkansas Attorney Service Areas

Attorney for Magnolia, Arkansas

When you have been injured in an accident in Magnolia, Arkansas, choosing the right law firm to handle your case is crucial and can make or break your personal injury case. If you are facing criminal charges, your very freedom is at stake. David P. Price has helped injury victims in Magnolia and across Columbia County recover compensation for their injuries and has successfully defended against criminal charges. If you are looking for the best lawyer in Magnolia, AR, David Price is the one to call.

Attorney for El Dorado, Arkansas

David P. Price is not limited to the city of Magnolia. Mr. Price takes on many cases in El Dorado, AR, and services all of Union County. If you are in need of legal representation for a criminal defense case, medical malpractice, or vehicle crash injury suit in El Dorado, David Price is ready to examine your case.

Attorney for Camden, Arkansas

Camden, AR, completes the South Arkansas "Golden Triangle" and is well within the area covered by the law office of David P. Price. When you have a case that needs competent legal representation in Camden, AR, or anywhere in Ouachita County, who will personally prosecute your case and help you through the process of recovering from the harms and losses caused to you and your loved ones, call David P. Price.

Attorney for Texarkana, Arkansas

Texarkana, AR has no shortage of lawyers. Often, engaging "big city" lawyers will have you lacking for personal attention. David P. Price brings a strong conviction of giving personal attention to your case. You will be treated like you matter! Mr. Price pursues many cases in Texarkana, AR, and surrounding areas. Give him a call today.

Attorney for Fordyce, Arkansas

When facing motor vehicle injury, or the need for criminal defense in Fordyce, AR, or Dallas County, there is no need to run to Little Rock for an attorney. David P. Price is closer and ready to represent your case vigorously in court.

Attorney for Prescott, Arkansas

The law office of David P. Price provides legal representation in Prescott, AR and all of Nevada County for criminal defense cases, medical malpractice, vehicle accident injury suits, and other causes of harm and loss. He will bring experience and insight into screening and aggressively preparing your case for trial so that ultimately wrongdoers will be brought to justice.

Attorney for Hope, Arkansas

There is hope for your case when looking for a lawyer in Hope, AR. David P. Price represents the people of Hope and Hempstead County with the same passion of any other city. If you sustained injury in an accident, found yourself facing criminal charges, or wronged and harmed in other ways, Mr. Price is ready to stand by you and get the justice you deserve.

Attorney for Lewisville, Arkansas

When you live in smaller Arkansas towns such as Lewisville, Stamps, Buckner, Falcon, Taylor, Bradley or Stephens, you may believe your options are limited. David P. Price and his team pursue cases all across the Southern half of Arkansas and is ready to meet with you. The law office of David P. Price, P.A. prides itself on accepting and vigorously pursuing cases that have merit wherever you are.

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