Insurance Disputes Attorney in Arkansas

An insurance dispute can often require lawyers to resolve. We entrust our livelihood, our future, and our family's security to our insurance companies. We are entitled to expect the insurance company to act with the utmost good faith in dealing with our insurance needs. When an insurance dispute occurs, the person involved is often surprised and angered by this perceived act of betrayal. This is where Arkansas insurance dispute attorney David P. Price can be of great help.

In an AR insurance dispute situation, our firm can bring a bad faith claim against your own insurance company if it can be shown that they purposely refused to process an insurance claim you made in good faith. Insurance companies are required to treat their consumers fairly and this includes payment of claims that are honestly due to the insured. Bad faith insurance law arose because insurance companies have, in the past, mistreated their clients and refused to pay for legitimate claims.

Not every insurance dispute is a basis for a bad faith claim. But when it happens, the South Arkansas area insurance dispute attorney David P. Price is here to represent those consumers who have been wrongfully denied or mistreated by their insurance carriers. If you are or have been the victim of an insurance dispute, please contact insurance dispute attorney David P. Price to discuss your situation.

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